A virtual healing space for People of the Global Majority

The aim of 'Rooted' is providing a healing space for People of the Global Majority to share and process experiences of racism and prejudice. Rooted will allow participants an opportunity to share and connect through guided practices and conversations. 

This is a space for all People of Color. Let's talk about how erasure, anti-Blackness, and white supremacy and other issues show up in ALL of our communities. Let's examine and uproot the ways in which white supremacy is showing up in our personal and professional contexts, and reorient toward liberation.

The next cohort of ROOTED will happen in fall 2024.

Interested? Complete this ROOTED Interest form


A virtual group for white presenting folks to learn and engage in antiracism

GROW is a 4-session learning and process group held over 8-weeks and focuses on key areas to help you engage in antiracism. Each session is 2 hours and focuses on topics such as identity, intersectionality, privilege, microaggressions, and individualism and collectivism

Cost: $200-300 without continuing education credits and $600 to earn eight CEs through Email for a discount! 

To sign up, please complete this form: GROW Interest Form and someone will contact you. The next cohort will be in fall 2024.


An accountability space for white presenting folks to further their antiracist engagement

BLOOM is a monthly one-hour meeting of antiracists who want to further their understanding and action in antiracism. This space will be open for personal discussions and enhance our ability to increase equity and engage in antiracism in our own lives. 

Cost: $50-75/session

To sign up, please complete this form: BLOOM Interest Form 

Check out this article by our founder about putting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into practice!

Below you can watch a training we provided on Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

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Privilege, Oppression, Microagressions, Oh My!

A Free Public Event! Presented by The Nava Center, Rise Against Hate, & Asian Hate Crimes Task Force.