For Organizations

Take an active approach against racism and prejudice by letting us help you:

  • raise awareness of implicit biases and know how to confront them

  • understand the traumatic impact of racism and how to be antiracist

  • develop and sustain a safe and supportive space for your employees and volunteers

We develop and provide trainings to teach people about implicit bias, oppression, privilege, and microaggressions and what to do about these issues.

Contact us for a customized training for your organization at

For Parents/Caregivers


PriCARE is a 6-session trauma-informed group for caregivers of children ages 2-6 looking to enhance their positive relationships with their child(ren) and increase children's compliance with directives.

For Providers

We offer Clinical Supervision for individuals and groups for providers who want to use trauma and antiracist lenses in their work. To inquire, please contact